• Quality Men - Finally!

    At first I was a little skeptical to try yet another online dating site. The other sites are packed with men who are looking for sex only or are desperate for an immediate serious relationship. I wanted to find something in-between the two extremes. Sure, I want sex, but not if it means the guy wants to get married after seeing me only a couple times! I've met several great guys on City Sex who want the same thing I want... to have a good time with no strings attached. I get to play the field on my own terms and have enjoyed every minute of it.

  • The Perfect NSA Site.

    I'll be the first to admit that I'm a total Nympho! I want sex, I need it, and I LOVE it! The other dating sites are all mostly people looking to fall in "love!" I'm not ready for that! The guys at CitySex want to play around, have fun, and show me a good time. And, I'm more than happy to return the favor! The bar scene sucks because all you meet are a bunch of drunk guys. I don't go home with complete strangers so this site gives me the chance to flirt around a bit and meet guys that want the same thing I do... great sex without all the baggage!

  • Let's Get Real!

    I've had zero luck at every other dating site, except this one! In fact, most of those sites are just worthless in my opinion. Way too big and non-personal and after wading through hundreds of profiles, I always came up empty. The truth is I'm young and I just want to have fun. Sex is important to me - I want a guy who I can totally get down with and let my wild side come out. I found a special guy that I hook up with a few times a week and get crazy nasty with. The sex is the best I've had in my life and he's totally into my "oral abilities!" LOL!

  • Horny and Ready!

    When I'm horny, I gotta tell ya, I'm ready to meet someone and camgirls just don't cut it. Not that I've ever done that but I've been tempted! When I came to CitySex I was floored by how many hot chicks were like 10 minutes away, and ready to meet me in like 10 minutes. Ok, that may be a little fast but I have met so many girls right here near me and all of them have rocked my world. When we are too busy to hook up they still meet me on CitySex and we get a little cyber or video going and I still get to go to bed the way I need to every night.

  • Second Time Around

    Just got divorced a couple months ago after a six year sexless marriage and decided it was time for ME to have some fun for a change. The last thing I want is another long-term relationship at this point. If it happens, fine, but that's not what I'm LOOKING for! I get to date a lot of guys, choose who I want to have sex with and live life the way I want to without someone bossing me around all the time. I love this site because I get to meet a lot of cool guys that I can have fun with and have great sex with for a change!

  • Sex Has Never Been Better!

    I found a link online that did real reviews on dating sites by real people who were actual members and described their experiences. City Sex was in the top three according to real people and they definitely had the best stories! I had always thought I was looking for a serious relationship, but after meeting the guys on this site, I started having so much fun that I didn't care about finding THE ONE anymore! It might happen, but in the meantime, I'm having a blast just dating around and having the best time of my life with lots of cool guys!

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